MP3 Demo Songs
These demo MP3 files show of the styles and sounds of BROOMSTICKBASS. Most of the bass lines in the demos have been produced using Auto mode. Enjoy!

Click on the "play" icon to listen to a song or on the "download" icon to dowload an mp3 onto your computer.

download Stay Up (0.4 MB) by PoA Sörlin
Happy Rockabilly in this piece featuring Groove Agent (playing the Train style with a modified kit), PoA on guitars (via Pod) and our own Broomstick Bass. Enjoy!
download Thunder (1.6 MB) by Dave Brown
The Gibson Thunderbird is in focus here in Dave's demo using the Manual mode. The left/right guitar-like sounds come from the Music Man Sabre put through the "q-tone" guitar amp-sim in Quantum-FX. Drums are GA "Slick" and mastering has been done with the Quantum FX multiband limiter.

Let me show you my Broomstick (1.0 MB) by Per Almered
BB styles Rush Hour and Happy Slappy are used in this lively piece. Per has used the BB DSP section and automation very dynamically on the basses and added a few samples and loops plus his own, wonderful voice.
download Let me show you my Broomstick Bass only (1.0 MB) by Per Almered
This special mix contains the bass instruments only. This MP3 will give you a detailed view of what's going on.
download No place like (1.3 MB) by Per Almered
The ultra-cool style "Streets of... Cairo" was the inspiration for this song. The drum loop sets the mood, and a popular 80's keyboard was used for the brass and bell sounds.
download reSIDual (1.0 MB) by Per Almered
This song uses the style "70's Dim Bouncer". Users of Virtual Guitarist will recognize the guitars used, and the lead sounds should bring back memories to retro computing fans.
download Hammer Tribute (0.8 MB) by PoA Sörlin
This speedy tune uses BB style in Auto mode with the occasional mod wheel fill. Groove Agent's Busy Beat style, Steinberg's A1 plus PoA's live guitar through an N.I. Guitar Rig complete the mix.
download Waltz for Mr Broom (0.7 MB) by PoA Sörlin
PoA uses two BB styles here – Bluesy Waltz and Jazz Waltz – with his own guitar playing and the ¾ style in Groove Agent.
download Ballad Stick (0.6 MB) by Sven Bornemark
BB style Power Ballad using The Stick with built-in Chorus and a touch of Pitch Shift (one octave up). Groove Agent drums play Dark Side and then there's Paul Kellett's terrific Embracer pad synth.
download Grand Opening (1.2 MB) by Sven Bornemark
The mighty Moog Taurus bass pedals can be used to great effect in a majestic tune like this song written by Hans Annellsson in 1974. BB played manually plus Steinberg's Embracer and the trusty old Groove Agent "Hard Rock" drums.